Friday, 21 August 2015

21st August

Abraham of Smolensk

Archimandrite, wonder-worker, man of austerity, Abraham was a monk in his hometown of Smolensk. 

He had 12 older sisters, was orphaned whilst young, and although growing up in a wealthy home, Abraham gave away his wealth and became a monk, engaging in mendicant preaching and study. He is described as being a man of stern and militant character who kept the idea of the Last Judgement in the minds of himself and others. He was very popular among the laity as he worked for the sick and troubled. He was less popular with the other clergy. Abraham made many enemies in his religious community, and he eventually withdrew from his monastery and joined the monks of the Holy Cross. He was not well received there either, and charges of heresy, immorality, and pride were made against him. After separate trials cleared him of these charges, Abraham was ordered back to Smolensk, serving as an archimandrite and eventually living more peacefully and living out his vocation.