Friday, 7 August 2015

7th August - St Albert of Trapani

7th August - St Albert of Trapani
c1250 – c1306

Albert, a Sicilian saint, was born in Trapani. He entered the Carmelite monastery there at a very young age where he worked as a mendicant preacher, relying entirely on charitable giving for survival. In 1301 the city was under siege and blockaded. Responding to pleas for help, Albert celebrated Mass. As he finished, three ships loaded with grain ran the blockade. Saved from starvation, the siege was lifted.

Amongst his writings …..

“It will be seen that this type of life has two aims. One of them we can, with the help of God’s grace, achieve by our own efforts and the practice of virtue. This aim is to offer God a heart holy and pure from all actual stain of sin … The other aim of this kind of life is something that can be bestowed on us only by God’s generosity: namely, to taste in our hearts and experience in our minds, not only after death but even during this mortal life, something of the power of the divine presence and the bliss of heavenly glory.”