Sunday, 6 September 2015

6th September - Cagnoald

Cagnoald (d633), Patron of all those in Exile
Chagnoald became a monk and was later ordained bishop of Laon. He angered the king, Theuderic II, by criticizing him for his immoral life. Theodoric exiled Chagnoald from his territories and Chagnoald found refuge near Lake Constance, working with Columbanus as a missionary. When Theodoric gained control of this area, Columbanus and Chagnoald left for Rome. After the death of Columbanus, Chagnoald returned to his old diocese and resumed his duties as bishop. Whilst very little is known of Cagnoald, we do know that he lived in times where the king lived an immoral life and Cagnoald spoke against this. He was exiled, several times. We also know that he attended one of the early Church Councils. We see through his life that he lived with integrity and had to flee to foreign lands.