Wednesday, 21 October 2015

21st October - John of Bridlington

John, 1320 - 1379

John Twenge, born in the village of Thwing on the Yorkshire Wolds, about nine miles west of Bridlington, was instrumental in establishing the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Bar Convent, York (a wonderful place, however I lost the Convent keys & my trousers there ... but that's another story).

John entered the Augustinian Canons Regular community of Priory of Bridlington. He was, in turn, novice master, almsgiver, preacher and sub-prior, canon of the priory and eventually the "Reluctant Prior". John had a reputation for great holiness and for miraculous powers. Reputedly, he changed water into wine.

At All Saints Church Thwing, there is a window showing John of Bridlington. There is a St John Street in Bridlington named after him. At the church of St Andrew, Hempstead, a wooden panel showing John of Bridlington depicts him holding a fish, and in episcopal robes, though he never served as bishop.

Patron of women in difficult labour and fishermen