Saturday, 24 October 2015

24th October - Luigi Guanella

1842 - 1915
Ninth of thirteen children born in a poor family. Luigi entered seminary aged twelve and after ordination he worked with John Bosco to care for homeless children. He was a youth director &  Parish priest. He opened a school for the poor, he founded an orphanage and a nursing home, he founded the Daughters of St Mary of Providence which, today, has over 1,200 sisters working in over 100 homes. Luigi founded the Servants of Charity which today has over 500 brothers in over 50 houses.

Father Luigi never bothered to retire. He reclaimed marsh land in the Sondrio region and built an institute for the handicapped. He worked in the United States with Italian immigrants. He founded the Confraternity of St Joseph whose mission is to pray for the dying, which today has 10 million members.