Sunday, 25 October 2015

25th October - Crispin

From the Chapelle Saint-François de Paule in Fribourg. Swiss National Museum, Zurich

A member of the imperial Roman nobility and brother of Crispian with whom he evangelized Gaul in the 3rd century. They preached by day and made shoes by night. Their charity, holy living and contempt of material things led to many conversions. They were martyred (tortured and beheaded) in Rome. A great church was built at Soissons in their honour.

Because of his association with shoe-making, a shoe-shine kit is sometimes called a “St Crispin”; an awl is “St Crispin’s lance”; and if your shoes are too tight, you are “in St Crispin’s prison.”

Patron of cobblers, glove makers, lace makers, leather workers, saddle makers, shoemakers, tanners & weavers