Tuesday, 5 January 2016

5th January - John Nepomucene Neumann

John (1811 - 1860), had four sisters and a brother. He studied astronomy and botany in addition to theological topics and studied theology in Prague.

When the time came for John's ordination, his bishop was sick; the ordination was never re-scheduled as Bohemia had an over-abundance of priests. John decided to go to America to ask for ordination, and to work with emigres. He walked most of the way to France, then took ship for America.

John arrived in America and moved to a town with a log church. There he built himself a small log cabin, rarely lit a fire, slept little, often lived on bread and water, and walked miles to visit farm after remote farm. John's parishioners were from many lands and tongues, but John knew twelve languages, and worked with them all. He became a Bishop and built fifty churches and began building a cathedral. He opened almost one hundred schools.