Friday, 8 January 2016

8th January - Abo of Tblisi

Abo was born in Baghdad and grew up as a Muslim. He was perfumer to Nerses, the prince of Kartli. As a young adult, Abo became convinced of the truth of Christianity, but was afraid to convert openly as Georgia was under Muslim rule and conversion was a capital offense. For political reasons, his prince had to seek shelter in Khazaria north of the Caspian Sea, an area free of Muslim control; Abo and 300 other members of the court accompanied him, and Abo was baptized there. The prince and his party returned to Tblisi in 782, and for a few years Abo lived quietly as a "closet" Christian. However, in 786 he was exposed as a Christian, and tried for being an apostate from Islam. He confessed his faith at trial, was imprisoned, and beheaded in 786 at Tblisi, Georgia